What is Acceptable for A Pheromone User

So, I will probably won’t do one or two of those initial statements before am trying to get greater pheromone concentrations. If you can do it before that that’s fine … (sounds overlap) … Because you are already in the pheromone attraction game using Pherazone. She has a lot more context it’s a lot more clear what you’re doing at that point with more pheromones . You know she eats ninety seven strawberries and she gives the farmer a B .J. you know so it’s game on.

I do remember, after you said this, like last night the girl picked seven strawberries and the n I like for call back humour , after like twenty minutes in the set, so seven strawberries, and she laughed like really historically and then she did let’ s put back the anchor , I don’t want to talk , something of like dismissing that idea or concept. I just neglected it and like moved on to another thing with these pheromones.

Using pheromones has allowed me to greatly experience more attraction from the opposite sex. So, those kinds of things where you can’t actually see what’s going on and then I can probably better figure it out or calibrate I guess. Learn more at https://jail6letter.wordpress.com/2016/10/15/does-chikara-pheromones-cologne-work/ and http://michaelspheros.blogspot.com/2016/10/my-experience-with-chikara-pheromone.html Because when I go in the set for the first two minutes I just say Hi! And then stand there and then they used to start asking me questions and respond really well, I don’t do shit for first two minutes … this is like the contradict of what eve ryone says we should be talking ninety percent of the time. Right, that’s good because if can figure that … then that means that you’re overall presence and your overall vibe is actually very acceptable for a pheromone user .

Lot of guys who come into the community especially the first one of the reasons why they have to talk many percent the time is because if they don’t talk to people are not going to talk to them. So i t’s sort of a way to hammer out, it’s very brute force way to hammer out a lot of the weird stuff that they do that would get them cut out of communications . I f you don’t need to do that then that’s fine. Really, in a one on one male – female interaction the girl should be talking most of the time about true pheromones.

Women are naturally more talkative and even if it’s fifty – fifty it doesn’t feel necessarily right to a girl. They should be talking most of the time. So, I kindda lost your question though, what was your question about how pheromones work? Question was l ike seeing the reality , I am not very sure like exactly what effect I am causing, on the girls and I might be going by the common theories of common knowledge and I might be completely way off the chart, like you said.

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