Pheromones can attract all sorts of women.

Pheromones can attract all sorts of women. If you interacted with a small-town girl for the first time, your game might go over her head. So, it’s important to travel and learn about the different cultures and personalities that many women have based on their geographic locations.

This way you can have a head start on tailoring your game when you’re on a serious campaign trail. Creating a Mysterious Effect Another good thing about taking your game on the road is that being in other cities gives you the appearance of being mysterious. Women have always been intrigued by men with a mysterious pheromone vibe. And the females in your town or community who you grew up around, they already know you or they know someone who knows you, and they are used to seeing you. And people are generally not intrigued by things that they are used to. But in another city nobody knows who you are and nobody knows your vibe. Learn more at and

And you can use this to your advantage with pheromones.

Now that you have an understanding of what it takes to have a successful pheromone campaign, it’s now time to explore how to maintain your game once you are in a committed relationship. The first thing you need to learn is the importance of having a Jekyll and Hyde mentality. The term “Jekyll and Hyde” stems from the popular 19th century novella Strange Case of D r . Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. This is a story about a mild-mannered doctor who drinks a liquid potion that he concocted and takes on an evil split personality. Now as far as you having a Jekyll and Hyde mentality when it comes to maintaining your relationships, this doesn’t mean you have to take on an evil or violent persona. Learn more at simply means that sometimes you have to show different sides of your personality, even if that personality isn’t considered politically correct, so to speak.

The reason many men get limited results when they are campaigning for women is because they often limit their horizons. Just like a good politician, when you’re trying to get elected, you can’t stay in one district. You have to hit the campaign trail and expose yourself to new voters, so to speak.

So, thissamedynamicappliestocampaigningforwomen. Many people like to remain in a safety zone. They’re comfortable remaining in one area where they’re familiar with the people and their surroundings. Now this mentality is cool if you are in a committed relationship or if you’re trying to settle down, but if you’re in the campaign stage, it is imperative that you do not confine yourself to one specific geographical location.

You can’t depend on anything but your acting skills. And when these things are being utilized every night in front of a live audience, it makes your game more focused. It makes you more spontaneous, and it makes your game tighter. And this same mentality can be applied to you trying to exercise your game muscle in order for you to step to women correctly.

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