How to get rid of abdominal fat: foods that burn abdominal fat

How to eliminate fat in the abdomen. The fat, so easy to accumulate but so hard to eliminate.

Seems to stick to body regardless of your will.

You can train, cut calories and still remains there.

When you work your body, fat virtually vanishes alone. In this article we shall treat of diets, exercise types and lifestyles that are transformed into “fat burners” without too much effort.

Say goodbye to your fat cells, because they won’t stay on your body for too long!

Part 1 of 3: Diet

How to burn abdominal fat

1. reduce your calorie intake gradually.

Many people think: “alright! I’m on a diet! No calories! “but in doing so they do not realize that will become more fat. When you decrease the calories abruptly, the body doesn’t understand what happens and so according to the innate survival mechanisms, begins to store fat.

Remains literally clutched the blubber to vital issues. So the best thing is a gradual process.

If you want to get serious, get measurable objectives. You have to reach the roof of the 1200 or 2200 daily calories, the important thing is to set a number. This allows you to evaluate nutritional elements that enter a percentage. If 10% fats represent of your diet, you can easily understand what you can eat and what not.

Or change your caloric intake.

As human beings we did not have a great evolution in this respect. does garcinia hca premium really work For hundreds of thousands of years we had nothing more than strictly necessary (and often even less), and as a result the body has had to put in place a lot of changes. Our bodies can get used to feed on 1200 calories so how can you adapt to 2500.

To keep the body active and a fast metabolism, you never have to let people know what is going to happen to the body. In this way you avoid a “stagnation” in the weight loss process and you’ll feel much more energetic!

In other words, eating 1000 calories for one day and the next day passes in 1800. If you always follow a low-calorie diet, the body adjusts the speed of metabolism and as a result you lose little fat. If, on the contrary, keep the situation in a precarious balance, the body will not know how to adapt and it will not.

This concept goes hand in hand with the gradual decrease in caloric intake. Decrease slowly calories for a couple of days, then suddenly the contribution rises, then continue to decrease, and so on. The day “Ho Ho” will help you to burn more energy!

2. Cut the carbs.

Fats are stored foods, the “fuel” for your body. Carbohydrates are the first outside source of fuel for the body and can consume them, no problem. However, if the body has continually of carbohydrates, it won’t burn never fat. Ketosis (fat burning) does not happen unless several hours after the latest digestion of carbohydrates.

That’s why you have to delete them.

It is important to note that the term carbohydrates, in this article, are not sugar grains. There are good carbs (those with low Glycemic level as oats and vegetables) and bad ones (think white candy and baked goods).

When we talk about carbohydrates, we refer mainly to bad ones.

When carbohydrate consumption (and you do it because we all eat them), try not to go to bed for at least 3 hours. Your body

begins to slow down its functionality during sleep, so in this case you are in a situation of double jeopardy.

The proteins are converted into glucose when needed (the Krebs circle) and can be a fuel for

our organism only in an emergency. The logic is: “no carbs, no fat, there’s no choice, you consume

proteins “. However, proteins are “building material” and not an energy source, your body prefers to burn carbohydrates and

fat when you are in ketosis.

3. Take many proteins.

Protein and carbohydrates contain more or less the same amount of calories per gram. So consume protein satisfies the palate while you burn fat. Also proteins are used by the body to build muscle mass.

Now you can make your own choices: lean meat, fish and soy? Perfect are all great.

When you delete the carbs and eat protein in the brain sends a signal that is interpreted as “hungry” until it goes into ketosis. At this point the hunger pangs are reduced.

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