Best Colors for Kitchen, Bedroom and Bathroom

Using paint has always been considered the quickest way to change the look of the home. The challenge, however, when it comes to house painting is selecting the right color that will match your personality and space. While you may have color favorites of your own, applying them into your walls sometimes may not produce the best results. In order for you to enjoy a colorful touch into your space, Painters recommends that you opt for hues that are already proven best for the room.

The kitchen, for example, looks exceptionally good when it is swathed with warm and earthy colors. This means painting your cooking area in hues of yellow, red, green, orange, brown and beige. Yellow and orange will help you create a sunny kitchen. Red stimulates your appetite, and it is this very reason why many homeowners also use them in the dining area. Green, brown and beige allows you to bring in a refreshing garden atmosphere into your kitchen. The colors should also complement your table cloths.

The bedroom is a place of relaxation, thus, calming colors should be chosen for this space. Soft neutrals should be selected in cream, gray and beige to create a soothing area for sleeping and resting. Lighter shades of green, brown and blues are also advised and these hues will fashion a wonderful backdrop for you to spend a restful time in your bedroom. Children’s bedrooms can also be made cozy and inviting by applying pastels and muffled colors into the room.

Another room which deserves a touch of paint is the bathroom. Since this space is often made small and has a very limited area, Painters recommends the use of designer-approved cool colors. These include aqua, light yellow, pale pink and neutrals like cream, taupe and beige. The color white is still popular which gives a fresh and clean feeling to the bathroom, nonetheless, this color doesn’t agree with everyone. With smaller bathrooms, it’s crucial not to choose very dark and vivid colors as they can easily make the room appear narrow and small.

All the colors mentioned above have long been used as go-to colors for the kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. Using any of them will definitely have you introducing color into your home without any qualms or fear. These are designer-tested hues that will agree with the tastes of the majority. If you feel more adventurous or want to experiment with other colors, it is always best that you seek the help of pros like your Painters Birmingham. With their helpful advice and quality paint application, your home will enjoy a touch of color that will make it appealing and make you feel happy as well.

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