Best Business VoIP Providers – A Review

Communication plays a big role in the success of small businesses, and phone calls allow you to interact with others in real time. With considerable improvement in business VoIP services and their cost effectiveness, more and more companies are not turning to best business VoIP providers (To learn more about to handle all their calling requirements. If you’re interested in replacing your current phone system for a more flexible and much lower rates, VoIP is the best way to go.

Why Choose VoIP for your Business?

Besides saving some money on long-distance calls, best business VoIP providers also help improve flexibility for you and your workforce. VoIP calls have exactly the same quality, but cost you less. Using web technology you can talk to others using your computer or a VoIP phone. It also provides you many additional features such as sending mobile apps and voicemail to email. This allows you to place and receive calls on your smart phone.


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Other Business Phone Options

VoIP services come with many uses, ranging from single home use to large corporations. Choosing the best plan for your needs is vital. If you’re interested in a VoIP system for smaller operations, for your small office or home, you can choose among the best business VoIP providers. If you want to place large number of international calls at very low rates, you can pick international call services. For any additional features or recommendations, you can get desired information online.

Many businesses still use PBX systems that are analog, VoIP makes communication easy by using software that is hosted in the cloud. It needs less hardware and is less prone to failure. You can also store notes and contact details of previous conversations.

Which Business VoIP Is Best for You?

It’s very important to consider your budget and specific calling needs when deciding the best plan for your needs. Depending upon the number of employees you have and the features you need, some VoIP service providers may offer you better features than others. For instance, some may offer video conferencing facilities, which is very helpful for customer support, or for communicating with remote employees.

The nature of contract available from VoIP provider is another vital thing which you should consider. Many companies go for annual contract, which results in more affordable monthly payments, as compared to monthly plan. When you opt for any plan, check any hidden fees or early termination fee.

Business VoIP Setup & Accessibility

The biggest benefit of VoIP system hosted by a reliable service is that you won’t have worry about its maintenance. All upgrades are taken care of by providers and hardware is also stored and maintained by someone else. You just have to setup things at your place.
You should seek assurance about easy access to service and easy setup. Some providers may also lease equipment such as phones directly from them. So compare prices and features if you don’t already have hardware.

VoIP Applications, Its Features and Administration

Business VoIP services are different from standard VoIP services as they offer more features. They offer virtual receptionists to greet callers and point them to right persons if you’ve multiple lines. They also offer various of calling queues with businesses with higher call volume. There are many other vital features to consider because you may need some features more than others. Also, best business VoIP providers offer scalable services that can expand with you.

Help & Support Quality

Choose a provider that offers best possible help and support. It’s also important that provider you’re considering offers you money back guarantee. Most of the providers these days offer at least 30 days money back guarantee.

Our Recommendations

RingCentral is suitable for all types and sizes of businesses as they have good VoIP services available. It has a reliable network of around 50 features, automated call-distribution queues, and it also integrates smoothly with many online apps that you may be already using at your place. Not only this, company also offers you a comprehensive 30 days money back guarantee and doesn’t need you to sign a contract.

Other worthy Business VoIP service providers to consider are 8X8 and Jive. Jive is super easy to set up and very reliable. It offers you wide range of features that you can expand on as you grow. One of the best business VoIP providers, Jive is a good choice since it meets needs of both small and large businesses. However, it does not have some enterprise-level functions such as call queuing, and you will have to pay extra for that.

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